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Six Apps I Can’t Live Without

There’s an app for that


Oh yeah? did “Apple” say that? Well, they trademarked the saying so…close enough?

When I say an app has changed my life I mean it’s the best at what it does and it filled some void in my life that I didn’t even know I had until I found these apps! Let’s check these lifesavers out…

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Reflecty Stats

#1 Reflecty 📖

I never realized how nice it was to decompress after a long day and actually journal a bit. Not only does Reflecty act as a journal for your day but also tracks your emotions at the end of each day and asks you some hard-hitting questions to make you think and open up.

Even if you’re not someone who calls yourself a “writer”, I think this app is well worth a shot. It’s extremely well made and well designed. It feels great to use and it helps you relax and review your day.

Using this app has helped me organize my life, stop bad habits, set goals for the future, and really contemplate the hard questions in life.

I was pleasantly surprised by this app. I downloaded it with the expectation use it and forget it but it became one of the few daily use apps I have along with these other six on the list.

This app can be used for free but does have a premium upgrade that I use and believe is well worth it for $39.99 a year.

#2 Nike Training 🏋

I’ve always been that guy in the gym who just wanders around touching machines hoping that they will tell me how to use them somehow. I don’t know how many reps to do, what machines to use, or the best nutrition for gaining weight and muscle since I’ve always been a skinny bean pole. Well, I don’t need to do that anymore because Nike Training is an amazing app!

Nike Training will ask you a few questions and record your weight, height, diet, the number of times you workout a week, and the number of times you want to work out a week and give you a workout plan in return!

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Photo by Julia Ballew on Unsplash

My goal was to gain weight and muscle with Nike Trainer and it helped me achieve both very well. I’m not done with the journey yet but it’s been about six months and I’m up 20 lbs of muscle from where I was!

Beyond that, I get nutrition recommendations which are another thing I’ve always struggled with. Every other app expects you to be on a diet to lose weight not gain it so the food suggestions reflect in that. Now I eat healthy foods that help me gain weight that I can easily turn to muscle!

Nike Training is yet another app that can be used for free but also has a premium version you can subscribe to. It’s $120 a year and again, well worth it if you make full use out of it!

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#3 Memrise 🍎

I learned Spanish at a young age but I’ve forgotten a lot of it by now and I wanted to learn a language still. Something different and enjoyable to learn so I began learning Mandarin!

I’m a few months in and I absolutely love it. The language is fun to learn and the app flows nicely and is a joy to use. Plus, they hire native speakers when making a course so you can’t beat that!

Memrise has an array of languages to be learned including…

  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French (Quebec & France)
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Korean

and many more!

Learning another language with Memrise is actually relaxing and a great way to start your day off on the right foot. It’s usually the first thing I do in the morning after waking up…sometimes before I even get out of bed!

Memrise is also free and offers a premium version which is worth it if you’re dedicated to learning more about a language every day. It’s $60 annually or $100 for life. I got this one last year on Black Friday for $29.99 and they run another sale on Cyber Monday!

#4 Calm 🌊

I’ve never been big into meditation and I never thought I would even really give it a try but I have to admit, there’s something to meditation. It seemed super lame to 18 year old me but he’s gone now and 23 year old me thinks meditation is pretty damn cool.

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Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

I tried it for the first time a few months ago and it helped me clear my mind and was almost like hitting the reset button in the middle of my day! Not like a normal reset button though…like a reset button that guarantees the second time through is going to be good.

The main reason why Calm caught my eye originally was because they advertised not only meditation but also aid in going to sleep in the form of what they called “sleep stories”.

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

I can’t fall asleep to save my life…then when I do fall asleep I can’t wake up to save my life but that’s where #6 SleepWatch comes in so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

There is no worse feeling than laying down to go to sleep at midnight only to toss and turn for what feels like an hour before looking at the clock and finding out it’s only 15 past. I’ve taken medication to fall asleep, I’ve slept with and without a light on, with and without a fan on, I’ve used other noisemakers and nothing works! Except for Calm so it’s worth it to me for that reason alone but now I’m also getting more into meditation too.

Calm is free to use but the free version kinda sucks. Premium is $69.99 for a year. It’s worth it if it actually helps you. The free version gives you a great chance to tell if meditation and sleep stories work for you.

#5 Albert 💰

This app saves you money and also helps you save money. It actually does a lot more than just that but that’s the quickest way to sum up the Albert app. The app also is great because it tracks when certain bills go up in price it will notify you of the change in price and they’ll even reach out to the company to see if they can bring the price back down to what it was. Companies don’t have to legally tell you when they’re raising rates for things like internet so they do it in secret and charge you without your knowing.

A picture perfect example of this that happened in real life was when Albert notified me that my internet bill had gone up $4.60 and they said they could probably negotiate it back down.

Albert is 100% free to use even in the premium form. They do ask that you pay what you can and what you think the app is worth to you. This could be $1 a month or nothing a month. I give them $6 a month because I didn’t have any money at the time but they helped save me more than $20 a month easily.

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Albert. I used to be so irresponsible with my money and either overspend or under spend every month. Usually the former rather than the latter…

#6 SleepWatch 😴

Requires Apple Watch

As I mentioned earlier, when I finally fall asleep I can sleep forever! Thanksgiving was three days ago and that night I slept 13 hours and 45 minutes. I didn’t have anything pressing to do the next day so I just slept for an eternity.

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Photo by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash

That’s…not good all, obviously. Oversleeping, much like under sleeping, has some bad side effects if done constantly. I knew I had to make a change but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t sleeping too much or too little so I got SleepWatch! It’s an awesome little app that tracks how much you’re sleeping each night and even tells you your resting heart rate, total amount of restful and light sleep, sleep disruptions, and even checks your restedness and fatigue levels through the day with notifications.

The app will then compile all the data and give you suggestions on what to do before going to bed, when to go to sleep, and other things you can do to improve your overall sleep without oversleeping or under sleeping! That’s pretty cool, right?

It’s yet another life changer for me and it helps me manage my sleep schedule that would otherwise be an absolute mess considering how wild my daily schedule gets at times.

SleepWatch can be used for free but also has a premium option. I use the premium version which is something like $29.99 a year.

I suggest looking into it if it sounds like an app that you could get a lot of use out of!

What apps have changed your life in the past? Have you had any poor experiences with any of these apps? If so, what issues? Let me know in the responses and let’s talk a bit!

I tried to avoid some of the more obvious apps that make a big impact in your life like Spotify, Audible, Podcasts, or iTunes.

Much love & have a good day ❤️

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Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

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