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A prompt and my follow up completion of the exercise


  • Think back to a time in your life when you were empathetic. Craft an essay in a Google Doc that describes how you connected to the other person and what insights you took away from that experience. Then, explain how those insights can help you adopt a user-first mindset as a UX designer and what benefits that will have for your users.
  • As a professional designer, you will not be provided with word counts or a target number of pages. Instead, you will be expected to thoroughly explain your point as directly as possible. As the course progresses, we will…

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Reminding yourself of what you have is important

Humans become expectant of their environment. We become steadfast that our perceptions of life are defacto truths. If you woke up and your dog made a mess on your carpet, your milk went bad, or you hear an odd noise from your car it could ruin your day or even your week. Why? Well, you’ve become so accustomed to a first-class life that any small issues seem like bigger issues than they actually are.

How do you prevent this? You practice gratitude throughout your days! As the title of this article suggests one way I do this annually is from…

From finishing Lambda School last October and starting my own marketing and business development right after and going full time to being one year in and busier than ever. This past year has been absolutely bonkers!

In just one year I went from a student trying to become a software engineer with Font Awesome to completely changing my mind and creating my own company to do what I love. It wasn’t easy, in fact, at times I was so stressed I couldn’t sleep. …

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Year one of going full-time with my own marketing company has come to an end. It’s been an incredible experience so far and it’s not slowing down anytime soon!

Creating a new company can be incredibly overwhelming to start. It used to keep me up at night wondering if I had what it took or not to be a business owner. I kept pushing through and it’s been going really well recently.

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Many folks are interested in doing freelance writing as a full-time job but they’re not sure how to start.

How much should you charge?

What’s a typical day look like?

Where can you even find clients who pay well?

We’re going to answer all those questions and more in this article. I’ve been writing professionally for a little over three years at this point. I wanted to share my experiences with freelance writing with you to help you get started in the space. While this may be the “ultimate guide” as I called it that doesn’t mean I know everything…

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When you stop learning you stop being as useful. This is especially true in any tech-related fields, marketing, writing, filmmaking, content creation, health, and pretty much anything else.

I read to learn most of the time but I also read to enjoy a story. I’m reading The Stand by Stephen King right now. I highly suggest checking it out if you’re a Stephen King fan.

It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the information you take in to learn more or read more interesting stories. I do it for both and it works well for both.

Reading is essential…

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If you’re stuck at home in quarantine during this pandemic then it’s the perfect time to use some great apps to improve productivity, happiness, and health.

These are five apps that help me be productive and stay productive. It can be a battle right now to get or stay productive.

For me, business is down so I could play video games or binge watch Netflix all day every day and not lose any money. The issue with that is that I could be doing plenty of other things to help grow my business. …

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Social media marketing is more about starting and less about how you start. That doesn’t stop the “how” from being a crucial part of using social media to help drive organic traffic and growth for your business.

You are what you share — Charles Leadbeater

The easiest way to handle your social media marketing for your business is to create custom pages for it all. For example, I have a personal Instagram account and Facebook profile but I created a Facebook page for my business and recently made a business Instagram account too.

That’s just a lot of accounts. …

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You’re stuck inside for the next two weeks to two months depending on how things go with COVID-19. Some people and places are forced to be in quarantine while others are just highly suggested to be.

There’s been one case in my county so far and we heard of it two days ago. Far before that people were already practicing social distancing. In fact, two weeks ago, when the disease first came to the US, businesses in my city of Joplin, Missouri were already closing up shop in preparation.

Just because you can’t work doesn’t mean you can’t be productive…

There are now over 2,000 cases of Coronavirus in the United States. If it continues to spread most people won’t want to leave their homes. Some places are already feeling the impact of the pandemic around the country. This is causing less and less business to be conducted in person. What will be the effects of the Coronavirus on business and how can you make the most of this decline of in-person business transactions.

The pandemic will affect different businesses in different ways. For example, food services have seen between a 40 to 70 percent decrease in business. …

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Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

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