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Most people wake up and eat a delicious breakfast before starting their workday. I have discovered something even better than breakfast before work! It’s breakfast while working. I know that may sound like less fun; I assure you, it’s not. Freelancing for breakfast is actually the best meal of the day for freelancers! I’ve found that the best time to begin freelancing is early in the morning, the same time you’re eating breakfast.

Everyone’s day is different, I know that. What’s talked about in this post can be augmented to fit within your own schedule. I suggest for anyone reading this to alter what I suggest to fit within your own schedule to get the most out of it!

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Morning Vibes & Freelancing

You know that feeling when you first wake up? The groggy feeling when all you want to do is go back to sleep. When you have that feeling you probably realize that you’re not going to be putting out your best work at that moment. You need your coffee, breakfast, maybe some news, and possibly even a nice shower…depends on the type of person, I guess.

Morning vibes are the absolute worst! I hate feeling tired when waking up and useless for that short amount of time right as you wake up. You have to get going for a little while before that groggy feeling eventually goes away. If you’re like me, it takes you about an hour before that feeling goes away or after you take a shower. When waking up, I usually try to do something less demanding before I start my workday. Maybe reading an article, checking my emails, watching a video over something pertaining to work, or doing a bit of freelance job searching on a platform like Upwork!

I feel like you see where I’m going with this post now! Instead of doing something less productive when waking up, use that time to begin your freelancing day. You have to be at work by 9:00 am but wake up at 7:00 to do your morning ritual. When you wake up and begin that morning routine you should find time to begin freelancing.

Everything you need to freelance and coffee for breakfast!
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How Freelancing For Breakfast Works

When you make time at the beginning of your day to begin freelancing day it will help you a lot. It allows clients to reply to you before the end of your workday. It also allows you to do something to wake up that is still highly productive.

I’m not saying that you should work on freelancing projects to wake up. You won’t be putting forward your best work which isn’t good. That’s not it; what I’m saying is that you should instead search for jobs and reach out to those potential freelancing clients early. It’s easier than doing client work but more productive than watching last nights “The Masked Singer” that you DVR’d.

Sometimes freelancing for breakfast includes freelancing in bed also!
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All I do when I wake up when freelancing is search for clients on various platforms. I make sure I’m a good fit for these brands and apply or submit proposals to these clients. I’m always awake enough to accurately read job postings, apply, and create a cover letter for potential clients. Being able to do something productive when waking up is a great way to start your day off.

The Benefits Of Freelancing For Breakfast

Freelancing for breakfast is a simple concept that aims to make those early hours in the morning more productive. While some people might be watching the news or eating avocado toast, you’ll be actually doing something productive; something that can ultimately make you more money! Not to mention freelancing for breakfast is a great way to start the day and wake up. When you’re doing something serious that you care about it will naturally begin waking you up. It will do this faster than watching television or searching through the tweets you missed or your Instagram feed.

While some people can wake up and piss excellence without any time to wake up most of us cannot. We are groggy and sluggish in the morning. That’s why I decided to try freelancing for breakfast instead of going through my normal routine of watching YouTube. I usually watch videos from David Dobrik and the Hot Ones Series from First We Feast.

While we talked about being productive early in the morning in the intro paragraph, we didn’t go too in depth. While some people don’t make their work schedules others do, I’m one of those that do. The difference between doing something productive and unproductive sets the tone for the rest of my day. If I do something productive then my day is generally productive. If I do something unproductive then my day will typically be less productive which isn’t good.

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There are some activities I can do in the morning that still feel highly productive even when they aren’t. A few examples of these might be The following:

Links are direct examples for me!

The catch with all of these things is that I can do two things at once. I can do anything I mentioned (except write) and do something else at the same time that’s more productive.

The most productive thing that I can do in the morning to wake me up is freelancing for breakfast. It helps me to become a lot more focused and productive throughout my day. It would be more accurately said “freelancing during breakfast time” but that doesn’t sound as catchy as the other.

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Anytime you can make money while you’re half asleep, you should take that chance! It will be 100% worth it for you. Instead of doing something that’s not going to make you money, do something that will. It’s that easy!

The key to creating independent wealth for yourself is to create extra money on the side. Freelancing can be a great way of doing jobs that allow you to start a business like I have. Late last year I founded Helms Media LLC. which is my company that specializes in business and media solutions.

There shouldn’t be much conflict between choosing to make money or not make money. There isn’t for me and so I don’t imagine there is for many other people either. When you can network to gain clients and make money why choose anything else for that early morning time slot? For me, there’s no competition between doing something to get paid and not get paid. The choice for me is to make money. This would be different if one of the options was something to do with family. My family doesn’t usually want to do anything super early anyway so it works out well.

Wrapping It Up

While freelancing for breakfast is important but it’s also important to not lose sight of the goal with the concept. Be productive by starting your day and not waste time on what doesn’t get you paid or help you focus. If you have a solid morning routine then find another place to fit in your freelancing. Try freelancing for lunch or dinner or a midnight snack even. Who knows, you might like how it feels and keep doing it. It could help you get over that dreaded 2:30 feeling or help you sleep at night. You won’t know how it affects you until you try!

Let me know what you think about freelancing for breakfast! Let me know if you like or dislike the idea of it. If give it a try then let me know how it worked out for you with your schedule!

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