“Christian, you’re just not a very good writer. Your words feel forced, your arguments are half-hearted, and I get bored before I finish your intro paragraph.” — My High School English Teacher

Not what you want to hear from your English teacher even if you despise writing. It’s even worse when you love to write so imagine how I felt when my teacher told me this. I was crushed and felt like shit after this comment.

I went on to continue to write daily even to this day. Ive made a lot of money from my writing and I enjoy every second of it. Nothing makes me happier in this life than writing something and having it impact someones life. I don’t care if one person reads it, ten people, 100, 1,000, or even 10,000. All I care about is having people read what I write and hearing how it affects their life. I want to make an impact with my words, opinions, and ideas. Agree or not I don’t care so long as it made you think. I’ve reached massive audiences over 100,000; It’s been a blessing and I fill forever be thankful.

So…did I become a better writer?

Well, yes. Of course I became a better writer with years more of practice; however, I wouldn’t say I was ever a bad writer. I’d make the argument that I was just bad at writing research papers. They’re very tedious papers to write that I pray I never have to write again. I’m much happier writing blog posts, technical articles, and books than I ever would be writing research papers.

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Am I a Good Writer?

No. I’m not a good writer. I’ve got a lot more to learn before I consider myself a good writer; maybe in a few years. I’m a mediocre writer to say the most. I may have a unique style that draws attention but I’m not a good writer, at least not yet.

I need to become better at many aspects of writing including my flow from one topic or sub topic to another. I need practice with writing in active voice instead of passive. There are a ton of other things I need to work on to improve my writing. TONS!

Am I a Bad Writer?

No. I’m not a bad writer either. I’m good at expressing thoughts. I have a good vocabulary and I learn quickly.

There are many aspects of writing that I’m bad at and need a lot of improvement with. I will continue to get better at writing as time goes by.

I also write daily and practice relentlessly which helps me to become better at the craft.

My Goal

I have a simple goal with writing; I want to become a great writer. a simple to speak goal that is, not simple to achieve achieve. That’s subjective, I understand; however, I’m a harsh critic of myself and I believe if I ever obtain the status of “great” I’ll know. It won’t be for a very long time and it may not happen at all. I want best selling books and highly popular articles that reach millions of people. I want to change the art of writing and leave an everlasting impression. Is it doable? Of course! Maybe not for me but many writers have done these things. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and many others have achieved this. If I could come anywhere close to any of these authors I would be incredibly grateful.

what’s your goal?

The Truth About Writing

Anyone can write and anyone can become a good writer. Not everyone can become a great writer and change the art and the world’s perception of what writing is, of course.

It takes thousands and thousands of hours of work to become a good writer; even if you’re a gifted writer.

Like anything else in life the way you become a better writer is by writing. The more time you spend writing, practicing, and improving increases your prowess in writing.

You must put in the time to become better and grow as a writer. It’s also required to have a passion for writing constantly. If you write an article that gets two views and one read on Medium you can’t become discouraged about it; you should instead learn from it. Read the article and find where your shortcomings are and improve. The most important thing to do after having a low viewed and read story is to write more. Get back on the horse and begin writing with the intent to post again. If you do this you will more easily move on from a poorly written or received article.

A message from me to you:

If you love writing but you’re not good at writing or you have been told by a teacher or someone else that you’re not a good writer but you still want to write then you should write. The only thing that stops you from writing in general is you. You can write and publish your work on sites like Medium. It’s always possible to create a WordPress blog and post on there. Either of these routes can make you money either a lot or a little is up to you, your writing, and your marketing.

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How Will I Improve?

Similarly to my past three years since high school, I will continue to write daily and share my writing with anyone who wants to read what I have to say here on Medium. I’m also creating a website for my company, Helms Media LLC. which will also have a blog for me to write on.

I will continue to work as a writer for the multiple companies I currently work for writing articles, blog posts, and books. I’ll also continue to edit for others and do everything I can to improve my writing.

I will freelance for extra writing positions to further practice my writing as well as make extra income on the side. I’ve only recently began freelancing and it’s already changed my life in an amazing way. I’m excited to continue doing it.

I will ask anyone who will give me the time of day to review my writing and give me their feedback. If they hate it or love it I will always find something to learn from.

Wrapping It Up

Anyone can become a good writer, it just takes a lot of practice and determination. I’ll never give up and I hope you won’t either if it’s your dream. Always keep pushing to become better and one day maybe you’ll become the best. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the next Stephen King.

Much Love ❤

Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

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