Microtransactions Are Killing The Gaming Industry

It’s no surprise to anyone that microtransactions are killing the gaming industry. Everyone from casual gamers to professionals have felt the sting of going through some form of a microtransaction. You may have only spent a few dollars, but those few dollars have opened you up more than you probably realize to buying more and more in-game items. Some can go their entire lives without giving into any microtransactions; however, most don’t have the will for it. They want the best cosmetics and everything the game developers offer.

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Stripping Out Content

The main video game killer is when you strip out pieces of your video game with the intent to resell it back to the player base at a later time for a microtransaction. When this happens it pushes people out of that game as fast as possible and leaves a bad taste in their mouths. People feel like they’re being sold an unfinished game only to be sold what’s missing later. With this becoming the ‘norm’ for companies a lot of people are not gaming anymore. Most people are seeking other non-AAA games. This is why Indie games have blown up over the past six years. Games like Undertale, Hollow Knight, and Celeste have changed the gaming industry with new ideas, good gameplay, and natural feeling story arcs.

Buy This Dot!

One of the biggest failures starting 2019 when it comes to microtransactions is from the company whose leading the charge in sinking their own ship, Activision Blizzard, who are currently selling a dot in Black Ops IV for $1.00. This dot is meant for the center of a holographic site to improve your aim as well as look better than the default red dot.

one cod point = 1 cent

Pay To Win!

Over the past six years, more and more games have introduced pay to win methods. Three years after Activision purchased Blizzard we saw the introduction of the WoW Token, which allows players to purchase tokens for $20 that give them a certain amount of gold that is dynamic based on the worth of gold in your server. With gold, you can buy some of the best gear in the game to help you become top tier all without having much play time in the game.

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How It Should Be

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good gaming experience. I’ve played games since I was around five years old and I love them. That being said, over the past years I’ve found myself more and more disappointed by games that have come out because they have massive glaring flaws that ruin the gameplay experience.

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Wrap It Up

That’s all she wrote! I hope you’ve learned something or at the very least I’ve helped you understand a different perspective of gaming and made you think. My goal was simply to express my thoughts to whoever would listen to start a conversation and a dialogue. I hope we can help the gaming industry get back to a good state where it once was.

Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

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