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The first day of school always makes me so nervous and I always have a feeling in my gut that I’m going to hate it. I had this feeling with high school and both colleges that I attended. It wasn’t much is a surprise when I did, in fact, hate them all. Lambda was different. My first day at Lambda felt like I belonged because, for the first time in my life, I was actually learning something useful from school.

A video covering my first day of Lambda School:

Let me clarify and give a bit more back story about what I mean. In high school there obviously weren’t options to learn things on a path to becoming a software engineer but I did learn that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell…so that was useful! (Not)

In college, I spent two years learning the exact same things that I learned in high school thanks to Gen Ed’s. This was despite the fact that I entered college with 17 credit hours under my belt from taking as many dual credit classes as I could. So again, useless stuff, only this time I was paying $14,000 a year for it.

Finally!! Gen Ed’s are out of the way and it’s time to get into the things that really matter like building code! Right? Not even close…at all. The first class I took for programming was Intro to Visual Basic which if you’re unaware, is not a language that’s typically used in full-stack development or “web development” as my major was noted. Already we’re not off to a great start but I’m positive and ready to learn. I will show up every single day and do my best! What is it we are learning? “Hello World” on day one which is the perfect day one exercise to get the blood flowing! I’ll fast forward a bit to the final thing we learned at the end of our three-month class in Visual Basic which was, drum roll, please! While loops! That’s right, the thing that you learn within the first 10 pages of any programming book that’s worth its salt was the final thing we learned at the first end of a three-month-long class! I wanted to cry and quit college…so I did!

I instantly moved on to another university that I hoped had a much better program for it and long story short, it was only marginally better.

In conclusion, what I learned in 3 1/2 years of college I either didn’t need to know because it was entirely useless for my life or I learned it at age 12 when I spent my first month of learning to code. In the end, college was 100% useless and I’d never go again or suggest it to anyone. I know there are people out there who love college and I see value in college just not as much as I’d like to for me to be able to consider it worth it.

The Breakdown

The schedule for the day broke down as follows:

Note: Keep in mind I’m Central Time and not Pacific Time.

  • We met our PM (Project Manager) and met our teams of 9 or so people who we will be working within the future
  • Then we went into zoom for our daily lecture over HTML and CSS basics that lasted roughly 3 hours
  • Lunch followed the lecture
  • After lunch, we had roughly 3 more hours to work on projects we were assigned today
  • We then had a review of the day where we shared opinions
  • Finally, we had a stand-up meeting at the end of the day to recap how we felt about the curriculum and everything else

That’s a great schedule as far as I’m concerned; plus, you have unlimited access to people who can help you through any problems you have which is even more helpful!

I’m not familiar with writing CSS daily and yesterday I reached out to my PM to help me find a syntactical error I had where I tried to call something that wasn’t a class as a class and he coached me to find it in under a minute. I was very happy with my first day and I’m looking forward to the next day!

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