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Practicing Gratitude One Day a Year From My Bed

Reminding yourself of what you have is important

Humans become expectant of their environment. We become steadfast that our perceptions of life are defacto truths. If you woke up and your dog made a mess on your carpet, your milk went bad, or you hear an odd noise from your car it could ruin your day or even your week. Why? Well, you’ve become so accustomed to a first-class life that any small issues seem like bigger issues than they actually are.

How do you prevent this? You practice gratitude throughout your days! As the title of this article suggests one way I do this annually is from my bed. I’m not taking a day off or anything like that. Before you think I’m crazy hear me out!

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My Favorite Way of Practicing Gratitude

When I say practicing gratitude what I mean is appreciating the things that I have in life. Sure, life can always be better but it can always be a lot worse. I have a car, an office, a house, plenty of food, people who love me, and all other first world amenities you could think of. I found that it’s important to remind yourself of what you do have. While it may not be where you want to be it could always be worse.

One work-day of the year I decide to show myself howgood I have it by not leaving my bed for the entire day.

Working from my bed is a good reminder that I can do it if I really wanted to. Like many other people I am fortunate enough to not have to commute to work or really even put on pants if I really don’t want to. If I really wanted to go one step further I could even order food from DoorDash and have it delivered to my door. If I reallyed wanted to commit to the “not getting out of bed” idea I could have my assistant bring my DoorDash order from my door to my bed.

What’s the Point?

The whole point of spending a day working from the comfort of my bed is to remind myself of the situation I’m in. I have so many amenities in my life that allow me to appreciate the things I have.

It’s my belief that by spending one day appreciating the things I have in my life…and basically just being a lazy piece of shit it reminds me of how great life is for me. Let’s go down the list

  • I have health insurance
  • I have a house (shelter)
  • I can go grocery shopping at the drop of a hat
  • I Water everywhere I go (House, office, bubblers at stores)
  • I have a car (not only a car but a nice one)
  • I have high speed internet that allows me to stream 4k without any issues
  • My mental state is in a relatively good position. I don’t have a lot of mental scaring or “demons”
  • I have friends and family members who I enjoy spending time with and who support me
  • The biggest one, in my opinion, I work from home

You get the idea. These are all pretty common things really. Out of everyone I know I can only think of a few people in my life who are missing one of these things.

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Think about it in more broad terms though. How many people in the world are without one of these things? A lot. Probably 50–60% of the world doesn’t have at least one of these things in its most basic state. Even if you remove the car from the equation since a car isn’t a necessity everywhere like it is seen where I live.

Everyone needs shelter, food, water, love, friends, mental & physical health, and I’d argue internet. While all of these are obvious the internet part isn’t. The reason I make the argument for internet being important is because it can enable people of all different situations to strive. Don’t believe me? If you’re suffering from some kind of a disability you could work remotely from the comfort of your own house using your computer and internet.

How can you Show Grattitude for the Things in Your Life?

Showing gratitude is about being appreciative for the things you have. This can be simple things like going for a walk, learning how to use something you already have (taking better pictures with your iPhone for example), cooking a nice meal for yourself, or even meditating and just thinking about the things in your life that make you happy. One of my favorite things to do to practice gratitude is to write about it like I did earlier in this article.

The more difficult ways of showing gratitude are things like working the entire day from your bed. While I practice showing my gratitude daily I find that it helps to also do something once a year to go “over the top” so to speak. For me, it’s working from my bed…in my underwear. For me, it shows how good I have it.

Try to find your own way to show gratitude in your own life. It’s also worth mentioning showing gratitude to others is just as important.

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The Effect it has

By practicing gratitude like this it has enabled me to be happy about 99% of the time. I can’t remember the last time I had a “bad day” and it’s increased my ability to focus tremendously. In fact, I’ve been able to work up to 12 hours a day and I’ve actually been enjoying it a lot. I know what you may be thinking “he’ll burn out soon at 12 hours a day” and while there’s a chance you may be right I’d like to point out I’ve been doing this for a year now. That’s one year working daily (few weekends off) working 12 hours a day. Granded I’m building my own company so there is a little bit of extra light at the end of the tunnel.

Since I began doing this my life has changed in a lot of great ways and I’m always a happy fella. I highly suggest experimenting with practicing gratitude in your life!

Back to Bed

Well, that’s all I’ve got about practicing gratitude. I hope you lovely lot all get the same effect from it as I did. It truly is a life changing practice!

Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

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