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Ramen Review: Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup

Do you like ramen?

If you answered “no” then my question is why? Do you not like noodles or have you just never tried good ramen before? “Good ramen” is of course subjective. Some don’t think instant ramen is good at all while others only like instant ramen and don’t like gourmet ramen or home cooked ramen. I personally like both forms very much and eat it multiple times a week.

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The Ramen/Soup

The method of cooking the soup as per directions is either in a microwave or stovetop. I did not use either of these methods but rather using an electric kettle to boil water then to let the soup sit and cook in it. I almost always cook my instant ramen like this. If I’m making a gourmet ramen then I will always cook it on the stove top so I can add other ingredients and ultimately always poach an egg in the broth.

So the directions I used to make this bowl of ramen are as follows:

  1. Put the kettle on to boil water
  2. Get a bowl
  3. Unpack the ramen (block of ramen, spices & vegetables, and soup base)
  4. Put soup base in the bowl then the spices & vegetable packet, and finally the ramen block. (ramen up the block if you want)
  5. Take the kettle after boiling and pour it into the bowl and let it cook for about 5 minutes or until noodles are tender

Pretty simple, right? Well, this cooking method works on almost all instant ramen packets from the basic Maruchan to anyone you might get from your local Asian markets.

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The Review

So for this review and any other reviews, I do that are similar I will go off a rating system where a one is Maruchan or another generic terrible ramen while a ten would, of course, be a gourmet ramen I make from scratch with fresh vegetables, meats, and other ingredients. The probability of any ramen getting a ten or a one is very low as much of the ramen I eat is instant Asian ramen that doesn’t have much English on the packaging.

This ramen; however, is a very stand out case compared to most others I eat. This is due to the fact that it is actually available at most Walmarts. It’s not actually in the ramen section but rather the section for foreign Asian foods along with things like Yum-Yum Sauce and Eel Sauce. If you don’t know how to find that aisle then ask an associate and they should be able to inform you.

When it comes to taste of this ramen it’s actually very good. It’s a soup of course as I’ve mentioned and as you’ll be able to see on the packaging. This soup turned out to far exceed my expectations. I was honestly expecting this product to be something similar to Maruchan or Yakisoba in that it’s terrible and tastes like cardboard but that wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t put it up there with my favorite instant ramens, I would, however, consider it the best instant ramen I’ve ever had from Wallmart. This ramen is supposed to be very spicy and is advertised as so (see packaging).

Ratings are as follows:

Taste of Noodles: 7/10

Taste of Broth: 9/10

Quality: 6/10

Spice: 5/10

Taste of Noodles

Unlike most ramen this block comes in a large circular block that’s very tightly packed. at times this makes it difficult to cook evenly so sometime you’ll end up with chewy noodles which is bad. My suggestion is to make sure you stir well every minute or two when you’re cooking the noodles.

Taste of Broth

To me, this was far and away the most impressive aspect of this ramen. I never expect a ramen or a soup ramen to have great broth. Typically it’s much too salty for me to regard it anywhere near as good as a gourmet ramen; however, this one was a bit different. I put two cups of water in the soup and that was enough to dilute the base to make it actually very tasty and not too salty.


There really isn’t any ramen out there that has amazing quality noodles it’s usually more about the ingredients around that block of yakisoba noodles. Most brands use the same or similar noodles to make their ramen and therefore there’s not going to be a lot of quality difference on noodles alone. The quality will lay with the seasoning, vegetables, and other ingredients of that nature.

This ramen is good quality and I like it a lot. With that said the reason I gave it a 6/10 is simply because the block of ramen doesn’t cook evenly usually so you end up with undercooked or overcooked noodles which of course can ruin your ramen experience. Beyond that, the vegetable packet doesn’t have a lot in it and I don’t notice any of them through eating the ramen.


Full disclosure here…I really like spicy foods. To give you an idea of what ‘hot’ is to me I have done the Blazzin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings which are 250,000 scovile wings. I’ve also eaten raw habaneros both on bets and just because someone said I wouldn’t. I don’t drink water or do anything to cool the burn. Those are my accolades when it comes to spicy so do keep that in mind when I give this such a low rating for spice. I’ve had hotter ramen in my days.

Don’t get me wrong this ramen is hot!…it’s just not that hot. I was sweating after eating this bowl of ramen but it wasn’t overly spicy. I expected more spice than I got actually as most ramen that advertises as spicy tend to be very very spicy. This one wasn’t so much. It was; however, absolutely amazing when it comes to the flavor and it combined very well with the spice.

Overall: 7/10

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. The ramen was great. Best ramen I’ve ever had from Wallmart. I would highly suggest it to anyone interested in some good ramen. It’s a good gateway ramen into some of the much better ramens available at oriental markets and/or on Amazon.

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