The Magic Of Using Social Media Influencers To Promote Your Brand

There’s a reason why social media influencers are one of the best ways to promote your own brand, it’s because they’re people who let you look into their personal lives and you begin to feel like your close friends with them. I recently ran an ad on social media via influencers and compared the results to that of a well-targeted ad campaign spanning both Google and Facebook; the results were extremely surprising to me, to say the least!

When you interact with a social media influencer you begin to feel like you know the person after only a short period of time watching their content. This has been said countless times by multiple different content creators, CEOs, and other well-respected sources. A few examples of people who have made this statement includes Casey Neistat, Philip Defranco, Susan Wojiski, and even Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.

This idea that social media influencers have legions of fans who truly feel like they know them may feel like a foreign concept to some; however, for most people who have experienced this first hand, know that it’s spot on. This is something I’ve experienced in my career streaming and making YouTube videos. I have viewers talk to me like they’ve known me for years (since I began my channel and stream) and they love talking to me. The difference between my experience and much larger YouTubers and streamers is that I feel that connection to them also that is strong in a way. What I’m getting at with this explanation is people feel a strong connection to social media influencers and feel like they’re close friends; they don’t feel that same affinity toward brands like Google or Facebook. That’s why it’s almost always better to advertise through social media influencers over generic ads no matter how well targeted the ad is in my experiences.

Proof In The Pudding

Let’s compare my two ad campaigns I did for a brand I created called H&Co. (I’ll be writing more about H&Co. later because I learned a lot form it). So let me give you the low down on my brand that I was looking to promote.

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It’s a clothing brand that I came out with a little while ago with an emphasis on saving the animals and others in need. The style of clothing and accessories revolve around what they help. An example would be a black matte lion bracelet as seen below.

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The way my website is setup this bracelet gives money to help lions as well as other animals of Africa. It’s an interesting business model seeing as though most companies don’t do anything like this.


I decided to start out with social media influencers to create awareness for my brand. To be more specific, I looked for Instagram influencers who could run my ads on their page to their audience.

I spent a total of $25 to run ads on two different pages. Here are the details of the two pages I ran ads with.

Lions Instagram Page:

  • Followers: 120k
  • Price to advertise on page for 12 hours: $20
  • Sales from ad: 8 sales — $80
  • Views: 60k
  • Engagement: 300 comments

Worth? Yes.

African Animals Instagram Page:

  • Followers: 60k
  • Price to advertise on page for 12 hours: $5
  • Sales from ad: 3 sales — $30
  • Views: 5k
  • Engagement: 12 comments

Worth? Yes.

The ads were exponentially more successful than I’d expected it to be. My expectations were very low from the start as I’d never used influencers to promote my brand so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I’m not sure what to expect, I always expect the worst. To my pleasant surprise, it worked out extremely well.

I then went on to create two more ads to run on Facebook and Google. I’ll be combining both of the ads numbers together for times sake.

Facebook & Google Ads:

  • Impressions: 300k
  • Price for advertising: $60
  • Sales from ads: 2
  • Page Views from Ads: 500+
  • Engagements: 100

Worth? Not even close.

While the numbers are quite curious to look at, in the end, it’s not worth the money at all from my experiences. There are a ton of factors; however, when it comes to what makes a good ad or a bad one. My Instagram ads may have been amazing while my Facebook and Google ads could have been terrible. All in all, I personally hold the opinion that my Facebook and Google ads were far better than the Instagram ads.

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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Why Using Social Media Influencers Is Better

When my Instagram Influencer ads finally ended at midnight (noon to midnight run time) I remember feeling like it was Christmas morning while I was looking at the results. The fact that I’d spent $25 in order to make a combined $110 was beautiful.

I firmly believe the reason why advertising or doing brand deals with influencers yield so much better results is mainly due to their relationship with their audience. It creates that feeling of friendship between the viewer/fan and the actual influencer page, channel, or brand itself. This feeling of friendship isn’t only reserved for the largest of Instagram Pages, YouTube Channels, or Twitter Accounts. It’s extended to most any and all influencers who produce consistent content within the same niche. To foster this feeling of friendship as an influencer it’s as simple as just talking to your audience any chance you get and making them feel like their opinions matter. Doing this opens the door for what will quickly become a great relationship between audience and influencer.

Something to consider is most influencers will not partner with your brand if they feel as though it doesn’t properly complement their own due to their relationship with their audience. If they sell out to a brand that doesn’t have the audiences best interests at heart, it will typically lead to a loss of trust between the influencer and their audience. This is why it’s imperative that you find the correct brand(s) to promote your own brands. You’ll want to search for a great match between an influencer and your brand. Doing this will allow you to drive more sales because your brand is a better match. Beyond that, it will set you up to work with this brand more than once with brand deals.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes down to it, you can have great success from using social media influencers to promote your brand or you can go with the more traditional route of promoting via Facebook and Google ads. Both ways can give you a lot of success for your brand; however, I feel that social media influencers are almost always a better bet, especially when you’re just starting to build a brand. I’ve found that because their audience feels a connection to the influencer, they’re more likely to trust the advertiser on the influencer’s page.

When dealing with advertising and marketing there’s always a lot to consider. There are so many factors that go into making a good ad campaign or a bad one. I feel as though using social media influencers to promote your brand is imperative in growing any brand.

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