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The Quest For Content Is Over!

Over the past year I’ve been on a quest; a quest for content, and it’s finally come to its end. I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to teach people, share ideas, and grow as a person while helping others to grow also. In this short post I’m going to share with you my plan for the future and what I’ve learned. I’ve tried different content types to find the right fit me. I’ve made gaming and coaching content for games, life hack videos, guides, educational videos, marketing videos, and more. None of it “hit the spot” as you might say, at least not for me. My future content will be on YouTube, LinkedIn, Medium, and my blog.

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The Quest For Content

Before when I was putting out videos on YouTube daily in an attempt to go full time, I got burnt out. I was making Overwatch content which can be found on the Helmsie YouTube channel. I went back to the drawing board and began testing multiple different content types to see what I enjoyed most of all and what I felt that I could do without burn out. It wasn’t video games or at least not one single video game because they get too boring. I finally decided to settle on teaching a variety of different topics and courses on my channel.

  • How to Install and Activate a WordPress Plugin
  • What is the best Programming Language to learn?
  • HTML Crash Course
  • Make The Most of Your Marketing
  • How to Form an LLC
  • Building a WordPress Site for Your Business
  • How to Make a Blog
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My Resolution

The goal is to learn things for my business, Helms Media, and also share what I’m learning with you. I’m not a fan of college to any extent, in fact, I think college is quite useless for the majority of students who attend. This is my way of hopefully aiding those who want to learn but don’t want to spend $20,000 minimum along with four years of their lives on a piece of paper and minimal if not basic skills in their desired field.

Wrapping It Up

If you’d like to follow me on this new and exciting content strategy that I have planned out you can do so by subscribing to my YouTube channel, here, by following me on Medium, here, or subscribe to my newsletter on the blog, here!

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Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

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