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What do you do while you drive?

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Start This Good Habit

Most people want to learn about something they’re passionate about or something they think is interesting.

What I Listen to

This is what I listen to in the car usually:

  • Podcasts
  • 6 months to 6 figures by Peter J. Voogd
  • Getting Beyond Better by Roger L. Martin
  • The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King
  • Finders Keepers also by Stephen King (part of the Mr. Mercedes trilogy)
  • The first six books in the Drizzt seriesby R.A. Salvatore
  • Todd.Live for live video marketing
  • Views with David Dobrik & Jason Nash (comedic podcast)
  • I also listen to many others but not as consistent as these three
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What Should you do?

My suggestion to you is get on Audible or whatever you currently use or would like to use for listening to and streaming audio books and give it a try. Most companies & services like Audible will actually give you a free book no matter what the price of that book is. I highly suggest Audible as it’s what I use for all my audio books.

What do you Want to Learn?

Find out something you’re interested in learning that is easily conveyed in audio form. A bad example of something to learn is how to program or develop software because the examples won’t be viable and the reader will have to read the examples to you. That’s a very bad practice to learn software development.

  1. Stories
  2. Writing (how to)
  3. Analytics (for marketing)
  4. Anything motivational
  5. Most self help content
  6. Anything you want to learn that isn’t strictly visual
  7. How something is made
  8. Why something occurs
  9. Literally anything that’s not visual…start googling audio books

That’s All There is

It’s a huge deal to make the most of any driving time you have. Most people listen to music in the car and they could be doing so much more they’ve always wanted to do but don’t realize it. Start listening to productive or educational audio while in the car driving. It will make a world of difference to everyone I guarantee it. I learned a great morning routine from it as well as how to be a better writer. Try it out!

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